KBA Smart Sliding Gate Opener – 1200Kg – Wifi enabled


This smafrt automatic Sliding Gate Opener is supplied with 2 handsets, 4 x 1m racks, infrared sensors and all accessories for fitting. The motor is fully wifi enabled and can be controlled by an App your mobile.

Manual clutch: power off can be manually disconnected, easy to use
Automatic door closing function: time can be adjusted 5,10,20 seconds
Motor force adjustment: It can adjust the thrust of the motor during operation to prevent the motor from overloading, thus protecting the motor.
– The motor has a temperature protector: when the temperature is too high, the motor automatically cuts off the power supply to protect the motor.
Motor time protection: avoid the motor running for a long time when the stroke fails. The default time is 90 seconds, which can be adjusted by itself.
Anti-shock stroke design: when the door body reaches the stroke, the button can only be pressed in the opposite direction.
Infrared sensor: the door will automatically rebound if there are obstacles or people passing by when closing the door.

Technical Specifications:
– Power Supply – 1ph 230V/50Hz
– Starting Current – 3A
– Rated Power – 550W
– Suitable door weight – 0-1200KG
– Output moving Speed – 20cm/sec
– Motor Speed – 1400r/min
– Motor Net weight – 12.8Kg
– Ingress Protection – IP44Noise: <56dB
– Max # of Remotes:25
– Rack: Quality: 4Pcs; Length:about 1000mm; Tooth Width: 10mm.
– Temperature: -25℃~55℃

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 40 cm