Ellard Easy Fit Controller incl 2 remotes (Replaces Fitters Mate)


The Easy Fit is the replacement to the popular Fitter’s Mate. It is provided with 2 handsets.


The Easy Fit is a simple control panel designed specifically for tube motors up to 230Nm. It has a maximum output of 750W at 3.2A. It can be set to work in both an Impulse Up/ Deadman Down or Deadman Up/ Deadman Down setting, depending on customer preference. This is achieved through the use of DIP switches. There is also a DIP switch that enables the motor direction to be reversed, without rewiring the unit. There are Up/Stop/Down controls in the form of built on membrane buttons on the front of the panels. The Easy Fit also features a safety brake input.

In addition to this, the Easy Fit has the option to be used with a remote control. The remote handsets are sold separately. When used with remotes, the Easy Fit can be used with either a single remote operating a single shutter, or by the flick of a DIP switch use one remote to control up to 4 different units. A maximum of 30 handsets can be used with the Easy Fit panel.


Sequential operation mode (OPEN-STOP-CLOSE-STOP) orIndi vidual button control (UP, STOP, DOWN).

– Flashing light to show the door is operating or constant courtesy light (On-time same as Run Time Length)
– Programmable run timer 5 – 100 sec’s
– Connection for additional Safety Brake
– Dead-man operation in both directions or Impulse open / deadman close control
– For use on tubular motors up to 230NM with a maximum output of 750W at 3.2A
– DIPswitch available to reverse the direction of the motor without the need to rewire the unit
– Transmitters can be purchased separately on 433Mhz frequency (max 20 transmitters)

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 20 cm

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